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Bakery and Baklava Section

Dry Dessert and Baklava Counter

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Görseller Yükleniyor
Dry Dessert and Baklava CounterDry Dessert and Baklava CounterDry Dessert and Baklava CounterDry Dessert and Baklava Counter

Dimensions: 260x92x140cm


2100W 520kg/570kg




" It is an exhibition unit that makes your products look stylish with its different design with transparency that increases product sales.


product specifications ;


" Production in optional width without size restriction,


" Shelf system with 2 or 3 layers of movable, flat or inclined use, including the base,


" Granite, stainless steel sheet heated surface function in the floor display area,


" On the resistance heated surface, thanks to the digital thermostat, the possibility of degree adjustment and control in accordance with the product requirements,


" Neutral or heated shelf options,


" Intense and vivid LED luminaire lighting system that brings the product to the forefront,


" Functional, suitable for the needs, movable wooden module uses under the exhibition part,


" Space-specific designs for the materials used in and around the closet, with unlimited color and material options,


" Unlimited and original outdoor dressing options,

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