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Frequently Asked Questions
Are your products guaranteed?

Yes, our products have 12 months warranty.The motor groups of the products in the cooling section are guaranteed by the distributor.You can contact us on our contact pages to get more detailed information about the warranty coverage for our products.

Are your products Original?

Yes, all of our products are supplied from the official suppliers of the related brands. Jul.

Our products in the exhibition department groups, where we produce our own production, are produced with our own brand under the roof of Mersan Kitchen.

Will These Products Be Shipped Immediately?

Our products are delivered to you within 10-20 working days on average.

How many days does the delivery take place?


The orders you place from our website will be delivered to your address within 10 to 20 business days.

Do you ship products abroad?

Yes, we have delivery service to all European countries.

You can easily shop online from our website from the country where you will place an order or you can call us from the numbers on our contact page.

How do you ship to European countries?

After our products are carefully packed and prepared, we deliver them to the address of the desired country by Sea or by Road in the process.

Are You a Distributor Company?

Our products in the pastry display section, bakery products and baklava section, kebab and salatabar section, waffle and kumpir section, double boiler and cooking section, tulumba and bite counters, new generation bite counters sections on our website are produced within Mersan Kitchen and under the brand name Mersan Kitchen.


Our other product groups are guaranteed products that we make as your distributor.

How can I become a member of your site?

You can easily and quickly become a member by clicking on the register button to be able to shop online from our site or to be informed about the most up-to-date campaigns.

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